Launch of our magazine

We were excited to launch the Australian Rivers Institute Magazine this past Friday (28th September 2018). You can get your free pdf here.

The ARI magazine highlights some of our most exciting science, covers news and events, and introduces new staff.

Dr Fernanda Adame a Research Fellow who writes about mangroves in the new magazine, and Nadine Painter, Institute Manager, celebrate at the launch

For instance, Deputy Director Professor David Hamilton writes about his long-term perspective on how major environmental events, like algal blooms, can inspire new science.

The magazine is about reaching out to stakeholders and starting a conversation that will hopefully lead to more useful science and more effective decision about our environment

Dr Chris Brown

At the magazine launch we heard presentations from four of the magazine’s many authors.

The presentations included that Dr Fernanda Adame, who spoke about her efforts to protect mangroves in Baja, Mexico, to help sequester carbon dioxide and mitigate climate change. Dr Melanie Roberts, a new staff member, talked about how she is using innovative maths to help prevent pollution reaching the Great Barrier Reef.

We hope you enjoy reading the first edition.



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