The Australian Rivers Institute (ARI) based at Griffith University in Brisbane, Queensland is a world leader in the study of catchment, river and coastal ecosystems, and sustainable water management. The Institute was formed in 2006, building on over two decades of research and training in freshwater and coastal science in close partnership with government and industry. Now with over 150 staff and postgraduate students, ARI brings together researchers across a broad range of science disciplines, including aquatic ecology, biogeochemistry, geomorphology, soil science, climate and modelling, together with the social sciences, economics and law.

As a founding member of the International Water Centre and host of the secretariat of the Sustainable Water Future Programme , the global water science initiative established under Future Earth , ARI has established an extensive international network of research collaboration.  Our ongoing commitment to research with real impact has seen the institute partner with a wide range of institutions from around the world to deliver benefits to society and our natural environment, and meet the water challenges of the 21st century.

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