Celebrating our collaborations in Asia during the Lunar New Year

As we enter the year of the Rooster we wanted to celebrate our collaborations with Asia. We asked some of our international students and staff who work in Asia to write about their cross cultural experiences, either coming to Australia, or going overseas to work with international collaborators. Here are the blog posts: International student […]

Helping to keep rivers healthy all over the world

By Catherine Leigh We all want healthy rivers. They provide us with fresh water and food, they bring us peace and enjoyment, and a huge variety of plants and animals call them home. Achieving and maintaining healthy rivers takes effort. One of key ingredients is monitoring. Just like us, rivers need regular check-ups to make […]

Got or want data? Check out the new database on intermittent river biodiversity

By Catherine Leigh And it’s not just your average database. The Intermittent River Biodiversity Analysis and Synthesis (IRBAS) database is the first of its kind made specifically to store and provide access to biodiversity and environmental data collected from intermittent rivers all over the world. And guess what, it’s free! Why is this such big […]