Director’s Welcome to ARI Magazine Edition 3

We welcome you back to another edition of the Australian RiversInstitute (ARI) Magazine. (Link). Over the past few months our staff have been active in strengthening research partnerships and establishing new connections across the globe. The importance of connections, not only with fellow researchers, industry and government but also across ecosystems, forms a central themeof […]

Can trees control algal blooms – you’d be surprised

By Professor Michele Burford Reading Time: 537 words, about 3 minutes. Algal blooms are a major issue for water security globally and in Australia. We have seen the damage algal blooms have had on Murray-Darling Basin and the issues Florida have had with the recent ‘red tide’ epidemic. As our climate changes, we can expect […]

Climate change threat to fish diversity in Murray-Darling Basin

By Mark Kennard Read Time: Words 518 about 3 mins Native freshwater fish diversity in the Murray-Darling Basin could be under serious threat from climate change in coming decades. This potential loss of biodiversity could result in a further decline in the health of the Basin. Freshwater fishes are highly valued for commercial and recreational […]