Australian Rivers Institute at the World Science Festival

We are proud that many of our members will be presenting at the World Science Festival in Brisbane 22-26 March. To help you find your way, we have prepared a few blogs about our World Science Festival events.

Our focus will be on all things water.

Professor Stuart Bunn will be participating in a discussion session “Water its not a privilege”. Here he writes more about the issues facing global water security.

Rod in mangroves portrait (higher quality)
Professor Rod Connolly will talk about the role of humans in ecosystems

Professor Rod Connolly will be talking about ocean conservation. He is particularly interested in the role of humans in ecosystems. Humans can play a role in monitoring ecosystems through citizen science and social media. He also wants us to think differently about how ecosystems work: It critical it is to consider humans as part of the global ocean ecosystems. Here are some more details on his work.

Dr Fernanda Adame will be talking about green engineering. She is studying the role wetlands play in cleaning the air and the water.


Dr Frederic Leusch will join a discussion on  “The inconvenient truth about bottled water”. Dr Frederic Leusch teaches biology and environmental toxicology in the School of Environment at Griffith University.

At the World Science Festival, he will focus specifically to focus on the differences in water quality between tap and bottled water. There are some aspects of water quality that are different, including how the water is disinfected.

Dr Fernanda Adame
Dr Fernanda Adame studies wetlands

On the other hand, plastics from the bottle container can leach into the water, and some plasticizers have been shown to be endocrine disrupting compounds. Further, the lack of fluoride in bottled water (which in some instances is their selling point) would lead to poorer dental health outcomes. So whether you drink bottled or tap water, you will win some and lose some.

We hope to see you at the World Science Festival.


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